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Overview of the new features in SPARKvue 3.0

SPARKvue Wins the 2017 SIIA CODiE Award for Best Science Instructional Solution

SPARKvue from PASCO Scientific Wins the 2017 SIIA CODiE Award for Best Science Instructional Solution

SPARKvue cross-platform science learning application combines standards-based content, data collection, visualization, analysis and assessment into one seamless environment

PASCO Scientific, a leader in 21st century science education, today announced that its SPARKvue cross-platform data collection and analysis software for science classrooms is the winner of the 2017 SIIA CODiE Award in theBest Science Instructional Solutioncategory.

In its 34th year, the SIIA CODiE Awards is the software and information industry’s only peer-reviewed awards program recognizing product excellence. A CODiE Award win for education companies is an especially prestigious honor, as each award winner is selected by a combination of educators who act as initial judges by selecting finalists from among all nominees, and SIIA member-company peers who vote to select the winners from among the finalists.

sparkvue V3SPARKvue beat out six other finalists in the Best Science Instructional Solution category, one of 34 education technology categories this year, several of which are new or updated to reflect the latest industry trends and business models.

Just three months ago, PASCO received the Product Innovation Award for STEM in the international GESS Education Awards competition. According to company founder Paul Stokstad, this combination of highly coveted international awards is proof that PASCO Scientific provides educators with the best, most innovative, effective and affordable solutions for science classrooms around the world. “These awards are not only an incredible honor for us, but they completely validate the effectiveness of combining PASCO Scientific data collection tools with hands-on activities to foster inquiry-based learning and deeply engage students in science,” said Stokstad.

Available as a free app for Chromebook, iPad and Android tablets, SPARKvue is a powerful yet easy to use science application that combines rich standards-based content, data collection, visualization, analysis and assessment into one seamless environment. It allows students to perform sensor data analysis — at school or home, with opportunities for reflection using journal snapshots of work as well as written observations — all with the touch of a finger. Free 60-day trials are available for PC and Mac computers as well.

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SPARKVue - Simple but Powerful

sparkvue header 141600SPARKvue was designed to be a solution for science students of all levels -- simple enough for elementary-level learners but with the features to suit the needs of advanced physics, chemistry, biology or environmental science students.


The key is that SPARKvue has a layered interface which doesn't overburden the user with tools, but reveals powerful capabilities when needed.


And the bold, full-colour interface allows you to use media-rich content to grab students' attention and keep them engaged.


You can create your own labs with any graphics or text that you wish or purchase the set of over 60 SPARKlabs we have created for every subject area.


SPARKvue - the simple, convenient, reliable and complete solution to using probeware in your classroom.


Our 61 original SPARKlabs, which come preloaded with SPARKvue, are available for download.



SPARKvue works with....

SPARKvue is one of the few truly cross platform apps /software out today. Not only can users work with it on the Windows or Mac computers / laptops / netbooks they can also seamlessly use SPARKvue on their iPads, iPhones, Chromebooks, and most Android phones & tablets. 


The software is the virtually the same for all devices so compatabilty is not an issue.


SPARKvue is the perfect software for schools that are instigating "Bring Your Own Device" policies for their students.


SPARKvue - The choice is yours.



SPARKvue Vs Capstone Vs DataStudio

Trying to work out which one is right for youe class? This may help.


SPARKvue 2.0 PASCO Capstone DataStudio 1.8.9r10
Availability Computer version: Cider House Tech Cider House Tech Cider House Tech
Pad version: Apple App Store / Google Play Store
PASCO Part Numbers Computer version: UI-5400 CI-6870
PS-2401 UI-5401 CI-6859C
Pad version: N/A   CI-6871
Development Status Active Active Inactive
SUPPORTED OPERATING SYSTEMS Windows XP 32-bit  Windows XP 32-bit Windows XP 32-bit
Windows 7 32/64-bit Windows 7 32/64-bit Windows 7 32/64-bit (requires special installation)
Windows 8 32/64-bit Windows 8 32/64-bit MacOS 9.x, 10.7
MacOS 10.5-10.8 MacOS 10.6-10.8  
Apple iOS 5.1    
Apple iOS 6.0    
INTENDED AUDIENCE Elementary/Middle School/ Introductory Secondary Science Educators Post-secondary / Advanced High-School Science Educators Post-secondary / Advanced High-School Science Educators
Supported Hardware      
PS-2001 PowerLink YES YES YES
PS-2002 Xplorer GLX External Sensors ACQUIRE ONLY YES YES
PS-2002 Xplorer GLX Sound/ Sound Level NO YES YES
PS-2005 AirLink SI NO NO YES
PS-2010 AirLink2 NO YES YES
 Universal (PASPORT/ScienceWorkshop)      
UI-5000 850 interface NO YES NO
ScienceWorkshop 300 NO NO YES
CI-6760 ScienceWorkshop 500 NO via CI-6759A only Serial / CI-6759A
CI-6560 ScienceWorkshop 700 NO NO YES
CI-7500 ScienceWorkshop 750 –SCSI NO via CI-6759A only SCSI / Serial /
CI-7599 ScienceWorkshop 750 – USB NO YES YES
USB video cameras YES YES NO
Microphones Computer version: 850 or SW750  Waveport + Built-in Microphone /
YES + sound sensor ScienceWorkshop 750 + sound sensor
Pad version:     
As part of video sensor only    
Ocean Optics Red Tide/Amadeus/ USB 2000 or 4000 spectrometers Computer version: NO NO
Pad version:
Ohaus Scout Pro balances NO NO YES
Software Features      
Timer Wizards NO YES NO
Independent sampling rates NO YES YES
Per-page sample rates NO YES NO
Directly Import Data From SPARK SLS NO NO NO
Directly Import Data From Xplorer GLX NO YES YES
Copy & Paste NO From Table From Summary
Menu  Option All Measurements All Measurements One Measurement
Copy & Paste NO To Table To Summary
Menu Option NO YES YES
Calibration Select PASPORT Sensors ScienceWorkshop & select PASPORTSensors ScienceWorkshop & select PASPORTSensors
Calibration types 1 pt slope, 1 pt offset, 2 pt linear 1 pt slope, 1 pt offset, 2 pt linear 1 pt slope, 1 pt offset, 2 pt linear
Ability to return to factory defaults. NO YES NO
Calculations YES YES YES
Immediate evaluation of constant expressions YES YES YES
Reorder calculations NO YES NO
Right-click selection of measurements NO YES NO
Right-click selection of models NO YES NO
Right-click selection of functions NO YES NO
Right-click selection of symbols NO YES NO
Right-click selection of sub/superscripts NO YES NO
Curve Fits      
Standard Fits YES YES YES
Error-weighted Linear Fit NO YES NO
Editable Initial Guesses NO YES YES
Lockable Parameters NO YES NO
User-Defined Functions NO YES YES
Data Manipulation      
Delete Data NO YES YES
Exclude Data NO YES NO
Virtual Oscilloscope Display NO YES YES
Fast  Fourier Transform NO YES YES
Automatic video synching NO YES NO
Re-title displays. NO YES YES
X-Y  GRAPH      
QuickCalc NO YES NO
Smooth in place NO YES NO
Zooming with the scroll wheel NO YES NO
Snap to origin when panning. NO YES YES
Click/Touch & drag panning YES YES NO
Select measurements from graph labels NO YES YES
Multiple y-axis measurements YES YES YES
Manage y axes NO YES NO
Prediction Tool YES NO YES
Copy a portion of a plot. NO NO YES
Scrolling chart option NO YES YES (UNSMOOTH)
Delete selected data points. NO YES YES
Exclude selected data points. NO YES NO
Change unit directly in the display NO YES NO
Delta Tool YES YES YES
(Coordinate Tool Option)
Translucent data values NO YES NO
Preview Data in Keep Mode YES YES YES
Index column YES YES NO
Support for Text Entry YES YES NO
Out-of-order data entry YES YES NO
Non-numeric data entry YES YES NO
Automatic data type switching NO YES NO
Cell insertion/deletion NO YES NO
Row insertion/deletion NO NO YES
Drag and Drop to Column Reordering NO YES NO
Cut/Copy/Paste Values NO YES NO
Rename measurement directly NO YES NO
Change unit directly (MULTIPLE STEPS) YES NO
Out-of-order Sampling NO YES NO
Selection Synchronized with other Displays NO YES YES
Insert/delete columns (MULTIPLE STEPS) YES NO
Row Banding YES NO NO
Un-triggered  Sampling NO YES YES
Trigger NO YES YES
Pre-trigger NO 850 only NO
Continuous Sampling NO YES NO
Sample Rate Control NO YES NO
Export Trace NO YES YES
Smart Cursor NO YES YES
Multiple Measurements NO YES YES
Multiple Axes NO YES NO
Trace Offset Controls NO YES YES
Compare Traces from the same sensor NO YES NO
(Requires graph.)
Count & bin measurement values NO YES YES
Side-by-Side Runs/Sets NO YES YES
Overlay Runs/Sets NO YES YES
Stack Runs/Sets NO YES YES
Autoscaling NO YES YES
Smart Cursor NO YES NO
(Does not snap to value.)
Statistics NO YES NO
Bar Graph      
Display Values YES NO NO
Acquire Values Automatically YES NO NO
Rename Bins YES NO NO
Automatic resolution adjustment NO YES NO
Universal Undo NO YES NO
Data Replay NO YES (Movie Only)
Automatic hiding of tool bars option NO YES NO
Automatic rescaling of workbook NO YES NO
Reordering workbook pages NO YES NO
Live microscope/camera support YES YES NO
Automatic display fitting YES YES NO
Re-sizable displays NO YES YES
Auto-scaling Workbooks NO YES NO
Sensor-Independent Measurement ID YES NO NO
Drag and Drop Image Files NO YES YES
Rich Text Tools NO YES NO
Subscript/Superscript Tools YES YES NO
Symbol insertion Computer version: YES NO
Pad version:
Copy and paste rendered calculations from Microsoft  Word. NO YES NO
Drag and drop rendered calculations from calculator NO YES NO
Bulleted list support NO YES NO
Play pre-recorded video NO YES YES
Capture still images YES YES NO
Acquire and automatically-sync NO YES NO
Automatic playback option NO YES NO
Manually track objects NO YES NO
Automatically generate position, velocity and acceleration data from calibrated track points. NO YES NO
Measure lengths NO YES NO
Measure angles NO YES NO
Measure radii NO YES NO
Snapshots YES YES NO
Reorder Pages   YES YES NO
Annotate snapshots YES YES NO
Print Journal YES YES NO
Function Generation      
850 Universal Interface Support NO YES NO
PI-8127 Support NO YES NO
Peak Amplitude Sensor NO 850 only NO
Frequency  Sensor NO 850 only NO
ScienceWorkshop 750 support NO YES YES
Sweep Frequency NO 850 only NO
Voltage Offset NO 850 only NO
Generator output based on a measurement calculation NO YES (850 or 750) On/Off only via outputswitch(x) function
Peak Amplitude Virtual Sensor NO YES NO
Frequency Sensor NO YES NO
Adaptive Workbook Page Shape NO YES NO
Custom default display font size. NO YES NO
Application preferences NO YES YES

SPARKlabs - Discovery-based, interactive lab activities

SPARKlab activities seamlessly integrate content with data collection and analysis. Fully self-contained, students are engaged throughout with self-check   questions, prompts for predictions and assessment questions.


Teachers can design their own SPARKlabs or use labs created by PASCO and an ever growing list of partners.


We want you to experience how effective the integrated learning experience is with SPARKscience. So we include over 60 free  SPARKlabs with every SPARK Science Learning System or SPARKvue license with a increasing library of additional titles availablefrom PASCO, Sally Ride, Carolina, Horizon, Pearson, Cider House Tech and more!


 sparklabs banner


A 21st Century Discovery-Based Science Learning Environment

Claw-ChromebookIn a world where science and technology are an ever growing part of our daily lives the demand for science literacy has never been greater.  


Students learn best, and engage more, with inquiry based teaching that puts modern tools and technologies in their own hands. 


PASCO has developed the SPARKscience platform to provide students with hands-on learning that integrates interactive visualization, data collection and analysis in a meaningful and engaging way. 



PASCO’s SPARKscience Named ‘Potential Game Changer’ in Education

ipad with ecozone 2.0 screens hprSPARKscience landed a coveted spot on EdNET’s Best for 2011 list as one of the top five recipients in the Shining Stars category, which recognizes potential “game changers” in the education marketplace.


“As a 2011 ‘Shining Stars’ recipient, PASCO’s SPARKscience is believed to be one of the superstars of the education marketplace by the EdNET community and the EdNET’s Best panelists,” said Dr. Nelson Heller, President of EdNET, MDR.


“Being listed among the EdNET’s Best top five puts you on the shortlist of exemplary offerings in the education industry.”




Wonder, then measure - Over 70 Sensors

RS10 Multi SensorWith over 70 available sensors students can measure virtually anything. With plug and play capabilities, any of the sensors can be connected and SPARKvue will immediately recognize it and be ready to collect data.


From experiments on weather to cellular respiration, from sound levels in an elementary school classroom to advanced optics in physics – PASPORT probeware provides the information needed for modern science activities.


And PASCO's exclusive MultiMeasure sensors pack even more functionality and value into one convenient sensor package. All background info, procedures, data collection and analysis is in one fluid environment.




The Software

pasco pres sparkvue scrSPARKvue is media rich, touch screen capable, and adapts to your classroom technology without a problem.  Just connect our SPARKlink interface to use it on Macs & PCs, interactive white boards, netbooks, even iPads or iPod Touches.  It also powers our standalone unit the SPARK.


The intuitive user interface makes for almost no learning curve which  makes it easy to use with elementary and middle school learners but SPARKvue's ability to display data in any fashion you wish (digits, meter, table, graph) and open powerful analysis tools with the touch of the screen or mouse makes it robust enough for advanced high school or university applications as well.


Collect real-time sensor data, make predictions right on a graph and see the result, capture a snapshot of student work at any time with the journaling feature and create and edit student assessment prompts. Just a few of its many features.


50yearsSMpasco logo